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Why Is Messi The Reason We Love Football?

“Who is Messi?” someone may ask. “He’s a football player,” you might reply. But this answer would not be enough to explain the full story of Lionel Messi, one of the best players in history and arguably the most important figure in modern soccer today. 

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He has won four FIFA Ballons d’Or, three European Golden Shoes, two UEFA Best Player awards and is currently on track to break all sorts of records for both club and country. He is not just famous for scoring goals but also has great dribbling skills and other relevant statistics.

Reasons Why Messi Is Loved?

Leadership: Messi is the leader of FC Barcelona and Argentina. He’s a captain for both teams who leads them to victory with his amazing skills, leadership qualities, and tactical mind.

Charisma: Messi is loved by all his teammates and fans. This player has won many accolades for his skills and game, including the Golden Boy award in 2005 (awarded to players under 21).

Gentleman Attitude: Messi is a gentleman on and off the field. He’s always polite, having never received any red cards his whole time playing at FC Barcelona. He even walked past security guards to greet Real Madrid fans after they won La Liga in 2017!

Philanthropic Work: Messi is also known for his charity organization and philanthropic projects. His foundation works for the down-trodden section of society, and that clearly explains his concern for them. 

Unaltered Talent: Not only is he a good player, but his skills show that he has been practicing for years and will continue doing so in the future. 

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Well, these are just some reasons to love Messi and football, of course.