3 Exciting NBA Games To Rewatch From The 2010s

By Sophia Cook May 13, 2020

Looking back on a whole decade, it’s so hard to pick out just a few games that are worth rewatching. During the 2010s we experienced the era of player movement and insane high-scoring games due to the excitement over the three-pointer. Though, from all those changes, came some pretty exciting moments, like during these 3 games which are definitely worth another look…

San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat, 2013 NBA Finals, Game 6


The Heat were back in the Finals for the 3rd straight time, and the Spurs were playing the most beautiful game of basketball since the ’80s Lakers. With San Antonio up 3-2 in the series, Miami’s back was against the wall, they desperately needed a win or the LeBron to Miami decision was gonna start to look a little bleak. The Spurs were a mere rebound, a couple missed free-throws away from shocking the world when Ray Allen magically sent the game into OT…

Utah Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers, 2016 Season

Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

It’s hard to think back at the past decade and not think of Kobe. He gave us so many Mamba moments to remember, however, none quite like his last game. During the time the Lakers were in a funky rebuild mode, so everything fell on Kobe’s shoulders, and remind you, Kobe doesn’t like losing. Number 24 went on a shooting tear to make sure that his last night will forever live on in the NBA lore. Kobe shocked fans watching around the world as well as his beloved Stapels Center fans, single handle delivering a win for the purple and gold, dropping a crazy 60-point game the most points ever for a player’s last game …

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors, 2016 NBA Finals, Game 5

Ezra Shaw/Getty

You can hate him or love him, but LeBron is as good as an athlete as we have ever seen. His dominance is clearly recorded in the number of Finals’ games he’s appeared, and he’s always the alpha and the omega, especially when he’s gotta take over. Golden State came in as favorites and it seemed that LeBron’s time in Ohio was destined to be a failure. Especially, after falling down 3-1 and heading back to Oakland for the deciding Game 5. Something awoke in LeBron, not wanting to fail his home state, ‘King James’ rallied the troops, or at least in Kyrie, and went on to dominate the game and series. LeBron’s incredible 41 points sparked the beginning of a memorable comeback leading to the fulfillment of a LeBron promise to Cleveland.