Top Tennis Records That May Never Be Broken

By Toby Tunwase October 12, 2021

The game of tennis has witnessed some truly great players and some extraordinary plays that we may only see once in a lifetime. Therefore, we have created a list of records that we don’t think anybody will be beaten anytime soon. 

  1. Fastest Serve (Sam Groth)
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Sam Groth’s record in tennis history might not be familiar to many, but the Australian, who is now retired, holds an accolade no one will top anytime soon – if ever. During a Challenger tournament in South Korea, Groth served at an incredible 163.4 mph. He was defeated in straight sets by the Belarusian Uladzimir Ignatik (4-6, 3-6). However, he secured his place in tennis history,

  1. Total weeks at No. 1

Because she has spent more time on top of the world than any other tennis player, 377, to be exact, some think that Steffi Graf should be the GOAT. Serena Williams would need to return to the number 1 and stay put around 58 weeks to top Graf’s record! 

  1. Most racquets destroyed in a single season.
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Unlike previous records, this one does not deserve pride. He just couldn’t control his temper, making his reputation a little different than other players in the game. The Russian tennis player Marat Safin, a two-time Grand Slam champion, is credited with having destroyed the most rackets in one season. He broke 48 rackets during the 1999 season, a record still standing after two decades.

There you have it, three records that may last a lifetime. Is it possible that someone will break one soon?