Animals Who Are Winning At Their Careers

By Shane R March 23, 2020

Animals are considerably the purest things to roam the earth. Without even trying, they provide us with warmth and love that even our human counterparts fail to provide.

Plus, the fur babies we have as pets just add so much joy to our lives that the thought of not having them around is like living in a void! 

They are our best buds, our companions, our therapists and for some, they are our colleagues!

That’s right, some animals have jobs just like you and I. Given that they are incredibly intelligent creatures, it’s not a shocker that they have acquired a career.

And they are excelling in them as well! 

Pup in Training Wins Hearts

Every company needs a morale officer in its midst to increase their employees’ motivation and positivity level.  Meet biscuit, the morale office for the National Trust. This pint-sized cutie packs a whole lot of responsibility for her fellow colleagues.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Biscuit knows what is expected of him which is why he wears his ID tag with pride. He brings cheer to his fellow officemates and even when he is off working hours, he still keeps at it with his unrelenting charismatic smile and nature. Way to go, Biscuit! We all wish you could be our morale officer.

The Cat Who Feeds His Family

Wilbur the cat is a working cat ever since his wife gave birth to a litter of kittens. Wilbur understands the value of being a good employee and he strives to be the best employee ever. In fact, Wilbur even works two jobs just to make sure his family is comfortable! 

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Early in the morning, dashing Wilbur dons his tie and heads over to run a comic book store and when the sun goes down, he heads on over to run a restaurant. Clearly, he has a more interesting life and career than most people! Let’s just hope he gets paid well too.

Doug the Dog Employee of the Month

As an animal, going to the vet is stressful. Your human just doesn’t get it and the vets are just scary! As a human, you want your precious animal companion to feel relaxed and reassured but how do you do that?

That’s where Doug The Dog comes to the rescue.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Doug is more than happy to help you and your pet navigate through your appointments and can even help you feel at ease with long waiting lines. We’re pretty sure this multitasking canine is winning employee of the month every month! 

Pup Helps With Human Seizures

This Lil pup has a very important job. In fact, it’s so important that he is alert at all times so as to help his patient who could be in dire need of help!

Image Courtesy of Instagram

This tiny fluff is in charge of sniffing out seizures before they happen. But the picture above shows that he is having the time of his life. And he should, after all, all work and no play makes a dull day! And no doggy should have to work 24/7. Keep up the great job, precious!

Roger The Hospital Therapist

Roger is unlike any other cat. Most cats don’t particularly like strangers or take much interest in them. Roger however, is big on love and bigger on cuddles. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

However, Roger is no ordinary cuddly cat. He is a certified therapy cat that soothes little kids in hospitals.

He wears his tag with pride and struts around the corridors looking for a way to brighten someone’s day. While it must be tiring after a whole day of being showered with cuddles and pats, we are sure he loves what he does. 

Wanted: Comfort Dogs

The LCC works with therapy dogs to provide to people who need them physically, emotionally or even mentally.

The LCC is known for having one of the top dogs and all the handpicked dogs have gone on to provide the best support

Image Courtesy of Instagram

The LCC is based in the United States and they are tasked to ensure these dogs are well trained to handle specific types of trauma and how to detect oncoming anxiety attacks or meltdowns and keep their handler calm.

Rusty the Volunteer to the Rescue

Rusty the therapy dog is always happy to help with a wagging tail. His adorable smiling face will certainly brighten up a room and he is always ready to keep his patients happy during their treatments.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Don’t think that he is simply coming in for cuddles (although that is a huge bonus) He is coming in with her bandana, glasses and his employee tag, ready to get down to business.

In fact, he is such an awesome pup that the hospital even made a portrait to honour Rusty for his excellent service.

Harvey the Dapper Samoyed

Going for interviews is pretty scary and intimidating but not for our Harvey over here. Nope!

Image Courtesy of Instagram

He is pretty confident he is going to ensnare the trust, affection and treat from his future employees. Besides, even if he doesn’t get that job, he knows load of other companies would kill for a dapper dog like him. 

Well, whatever it is he interviewed for, we’re sure he got in and probably a hefty treat bonus at that! Good on ya, pup!

IT Tech Cat

This savvy tech cat is known as Luxe. We bet you weren’t expecting a cat to have a career in IT, huh? Well, Luxe is here to prove us all wrong and that cats are soon to be taking over the cyber world. You see, cats are notorious for getting into the deep web and yet not leaving a trace behind. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Luxe here, however, is a little more mellow. He is obsessed with his computer and is known for his digital creations. The image above shows his adorableness as he naps after a hard day’s work. We wish we could take a peek at his work. 

Best Body Shop Experience

According to a user on Instagram, she walked into a body shop and was surprised to see not a human at the counter, but instead this gorgeous Great Dane, all ready to help her as a customer attendant!

Image Courtesy of Instagram

How lucky she is! She mentioned having the luck of playing with her and even getting some gentle doggy kisses as well! Plus, we’re pretty sure the sweet dog hooked her up with some extra perks for her car.

Captain Luna Will Sail You Through Seas

Travelling through the high seas can be daunting and you will want to trust your captain to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Well, meet Luna. The ‘Catptain’ of the ship.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Luna has a very important job of keeping all her passengers safe and keeping the ship in check throughout the journey. Being the captain, it’s not easy having to be on top of it all. Plus, your shipmates don’t even understand what you’re saying which we can imagine is just stressful. 

Phew! That’s a tough job for a tiny kitty.

Get Ready for Take-Off With These Pups

We are certain that there are a number of people who get anxious and worried before taking a flight. Worries about the weather or even the condition of the plane are sure to bring about a panic attack. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

At San Diego Airport, this little pup is seen darting about in search of those who need his comforting presence. However, it’s not just him, he has another doggy companion who joins him on his philanthropic adventures around the airport.

Proud Jerry is all Smiles

Jerry the therapy dog always has a happy, smiling face. He makes sure to greet his patients and owners with a joyful face daily which just oozes love and affection. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Jerry is filled with positive vibes and ensures that everyone around him is at ease. You can see he is proud of his work and he’s happy to be with the people around him.  We can imagine just how happy the people around Jerry must feel. Happy and content, I bet!

Delta The Receptionist Will Check You In

The work of a receptionist is never done. With difficult and demanding customers, it takes a toll on a person. Which is why Delta, the black cat will help you meet all your demanding needs while flashing you her big beautiful eyes. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Delta is good at her job and keeps up with demands. But like humans, she’s gotta have a break as well. She keeps herself well-groomed for every human she meets and will sure to melt your heart upon entry.

Claude: The Canine Detective

Working in the armed forces is dangerous and comes with lots of risks. Only the brave, skilled and intelligent get chosen to work there.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Especially when you work with explosives. 

Meet Claude, the explosives detection canine. He is a proactive dog that knows how much work he needs to do and how to get it done successfully. He is strapped with his kit and trusts his handler to follow his every move to ensure they get the explosives and get out unharmed.

This Cat Works The Camera

How lucky it must be to walk down a street and be stopped by a modelling agency, ready to sign you up.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Even luckier you are if you happen to be a cat. Your life is all set up for you, you are given priority during shoots and everyone knows you’re the real show stopper.

Chudleigh is his name and catwalks are his game. And he is at the top of his game indeed. Often shown in classy advertisements, Chudleigh often steals the spotlight even if his human partner is the beautiful Haley Atwell. 

Finn Works Hard at Being a Chef

Finn is a hardworking dog who works to get food on the table. He bartends like a pro while listening to his customers woes.  

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Finn is able to pour you a nice strong drink or even a juicy cocktail for you to sip the days worry away. Plus, you get to have him keep you company while you rant about how horrid or great your day was. Either way, Finn is going to have your back. 

Lifeguard Dog to the Rescue

Did you know that dogs are excellent swimmers (if trained that is). You have probably seen a myriad of videos of dogs swimming about and even those who jump into the pool when they think their owners are in danger.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Plus, with their determination, speed and accuracy, they make amazing lifeguards. 

In Croatia, dogs are ready and on standby on the seashore. They are on the lookout for those who might need their help.

They have been on duty for years and you can see that they are experienced. So, if you feel as if you may be in need of help, call out to them and they’ll come rushing to help you, wagging tail and all. 

This Pitbull Will Answer Your Questions

Working in customer service can be taxing as you will serve lots of unruly, uncooperative and downright rude customers so it’s no wonder why most people stay away from such a job.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

So what do you do when you just can’t take it anymore? You call this charming pitbull to the rescue.

He will weave his way through difficult customers and charm his snout into their cold hearts and thaw it for you. You can see he is always happy to help and customers will probably feel at ease. 

He’s Here to Get His Science Game On

Working in a lab is no joke! You must be able to have the brains, stamina and pawsitive attitude to get the job done and data right.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

This dog looks like he checks all the boxes and is able to get his stuff in order.

He seems like he’d make an awesome lab partner just make sure to keep him away from the specimens or else you may just end up with the whole ‘ the dog ate my homework’ cliche and let’s be honest, no one is going to believe you anyway. 

A Friend to All Animals

This dog is not like any other dog. He is highly trained to help turtles and will not fool around while he is at work so don’t try to get in his way.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

While he looks jazzed up for a party, it’s actually so that he can do his job easily. You see, he helps turtles dig holes and also helps watch them during incubation so that no humans or animals are able to pose a threat to the endangered species. 

Doggy Incentive

Going to the gym may be intimidating or perhaps even a chore for some people. It’s usually never fun to push your body to its physical limits. However, what if we told you that you can pet a pretty pup and get kisses from him as well? 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

This pup, though adorable, shows his toughness through his body language. You can see that he will motivate you to work out and not give up! If anything, we think this is a pretty good incentive to keep going to the gym.

The Perfectionist Working Cat

Ozzy is a perfectionist. He has to be, it’s not his fault someone decided to make a cat work at a workshop.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

He will make sure everything is in order and in check for the customers.

Frankly, we wish all stores had an employee like Ozzy, he’s a pretty hardworking cat and with his workshop jacket, he looks like the most approachable worker cat ever!

Handy Man Daschund

Dachshunds are lovable, loyal creatures that just want to help out where they can. This particular dog has a tool kit attached to him while waiting for his dad to pick up the pace and fix the vehicle.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

While it’s never a good idea to strap on tools to your pet, we suppose if the tools are light and the dogs are comfortable and able to help you out, we say why not. 

This Psychiatrist Has An Assistant With a Tail

Psychiatrists usually work one on one with patients and since every patient is different, other methods of approach must be applied as well.

So what better way to accommodate that than to get an assistant that can help with that. And who’s better than a gentle dog?

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Sammy just got his job as an auxiliary officer and he will make sure that he helps his patients remain calm and soothed throughout the session. You can see that he will not let anything or anyone stand in his way of doing a good job!

Fancy a Personal Shopping Bud?

When you go shopping, do you ever debate with yourself about getting a cart or not?

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

You say you don’t need a cart because you’re getting only one or two items but while shopping you realise maybe you should have taken a cart because your hands are now full and you still need more stuff!

At this store, there is an adorable doggo down below who is in charge of taking your stuff to the counter

This dog is the store assistant but he’s also there for your needs! He’ll follow you around and carry your groceries until you are done. Who needs friends when you have this gorgeous canine that’ll be by your side.

Kitty Electrician For Hire

Cats are known for their dexterity and smarts. They know what they want and when to get the jobs done. Plus, they are really good at getting around complicated pathways. Which is why this particular cat decided to take on a career in wiring.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

If you ever need someone to fix your wiring or perhaps pick out the ones that are faulty, look no further. In addition to wiring, this smart kitty is also able to chew your wires and he will do so free of charge. If only we knew of a way to get hold of his services. 

Betty the Builder

Builders require loads of training and skill. It takes years to build up your knowledge and know-how but Betty the cat is an exception. She knows her way around a building structure and is able to check out for flaws in design.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Being a cat comes with a lot of perks.

You are not only adorable but you are agile and dexterous which in turn proves beneficial in the field of construction. Don’t be fooled by the innocent photo! You are watching an expert at work. 

Security Doggo Working Around the Clock

Dogs are wonderful guards and will do their best to guard you with their life. The dog in this picture shows us how feisty he can be. 

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Although that little tongue sticking out is taking away the seriousness in his eyes but it’s okay guard doggy. We get you.

We are sure you not only protect the people but you fill their hearts and day with joy and excitement. Let’s just hope our guards are just as cute and fluffy as this dog. 

Andre the Office Love Bug

Andre is known around the office to spread cheer and love and cuddles. He works hard to make sure his fellow employees are in the best condition and spends more time with those that really need him. He’s basically HR in cat form!

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

Donning his bright yellow tie, Andre keeps his optimism just as bright. He looks forward to each day not only for his colleagues but also for the yummy food that he nips around the office. 

Therapy Dog In Court

Going to the court is relatively stressful, more so for children than it is for adults. So when young children, who can barely reach the mic, are made to take a stand to testify, it is no wonder that some break out into tears and are unable to utter a word.

Which is why some courts bring in therapy dogs to standby these innocent children and help them talk.

Image Courtesy Of Instagram

The image above shows a little girl holding onto the dogs paw for comfort and we can see how the dog is staying by her side, giving her the help she needs.

Can we have a round of applause for these furry heroes? 

Therapy Doggies Ready for Hugs

Imagine having to be in the hospital for days on end. For some, it can even stretch to months! Which is why having therapy dogs coming in to cheer the patients up is vital.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Talking to actual therapists, while helpful, can’t really give you an immediate dopamine rush.

Dogs on the other hand, can immediately give you a sense of happiness even if it’s just for a short while. So, we are happy when we see the tags of the therapy dogs in the image above. We are sure they are bringing joy to their patients daily.

Meet this Googler Dog

This fluffy love ball accompanies her mom to work every day and keeps her stress free at her job. Plus, she makes sure to stay on top of her daily duties of human greeter and cuddle buddy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

She shows up with a snazzy tie and keeps everyone who walks past her happy with an inviting smile and wagging tail. How lucky it must be to be able to have such an adorable co-worker!

Unlike Any Other Concierge

When going on a holiday, picking the right hotel is of utmost importance because it will be your home away from home.

The staff place a particularly important role to the overall ambience of the hotel and it’s only right that a dog is placed front and centre! 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Who in their right mind could ever not perk up when they see this smiling face greeting them as soon as they walk through the doors. In fact, this pup looks so much more welcoming than most hotel concierges. We hope he gets a good raise to match his million-dollar grin!

Doggy Gives Out Free Kisses

The receptionist seems perfectly capable at her job but that doesn’t stop her from reaching out to show teeny bits of affection to her customers. Just look at those big brown and eyes and that pink tongue darting out to give kisses. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram

We are sure she is awesome and focused on her job. How we wish we could find out where she works so we can get in on those free doggy kisses!