Fun Sport Stats

By Shane R January 12, 2021

(C) Pexels

For all you sport nerds out there, let’s get into some geeky numbers. Hopefully, this will help you enjoy sports that much more. To begin, here is some baseball.

Mark McGwire’s Home Runs

Even though Mark McGwire was on steroids, he still hit 70 home runs in the 1998 season. If you total how far all his home runs went, the 70 baseballs traveled 29,598 total feet. This was enough distance to get to Mount Everest.

Hank Aaron: The Beast

Hank Aaron was a heck of a hitter. How great, you ask? Well, if you take away his 755 home runs, the man still had over 3,000 hits. Few players even get to 3,000 hits alone. Crazy!

Interceptions Galore

There have only been 14 players to intercept a quarterback four times in a single game. That is a lot of interceptions. Wonder how long the quarterbacks lasted in the league?

Goalies Scoring

Goalies in hockey usually are all about stopping pucks from getting into their net. However, some goalies have scored in NHL games, too. Ten goalies, in total, have scored over the years.

World Series Errors

(C) Pexels

What are the most errors in any World Series? How about 63! In the 1886 World Series, the Saint Louis Browns were victorious over the Chicago White Stockings in a close, error-riddled game, 4-2.

Pigskin Supply

The NFL needs a lot of cows to supply footballs in the league. 3,000 cows create enough footballs for all 30 teams to use from August to February. If you are for animals, sorry. If not, more action for you on the gridiron.