32 Unique Hotels That Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags

By Sophia Cook March 23, 2020

Do you have itchy feet? Are you always thinking about the next place to travel to? Then this article will fill your heart with wonder.

“It’s not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.”
― Jon Krakauer, Into The Wild

Feeling strong sometimes means taking that leap and venturing into the unknown. Life is all about changes and making great strides. Travelling by yourself is also such a huge achievement. Despite the world containing many unknown nooks and crannies – it’s still a delight to travel.

Whether you’re keen on a country’s history, its people, it’s sights and languages, you’ll always discover something new when visiting a new place. Hopefully, these places will fill you with a sense of wanderlust.

Bask In The Sea Breeze At The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

 In Zanzibar, on Pemba island, off the coast of East Africa, there is a gorgeous floating private island with views that will whisk guests away to total serenity.

Image Courtesy Of tsluxurycollection

The best part is the accessibility where guests can take a dip into the ocean as soon as they leave their bedroom. The relaxing and calming waves of the ocean and serenity of the quiet will leave you feeling at complete peace. If you are planning on going away soon, Zanzibar should be at the top of your holiday list!

Stay In A Cave At Le Grotte Della Civita, Italy

Imagine spending a night in a luxurious cave. Not exactly what you picture on a holiday is it? Well, the Le Grotte Della Civita is located in Italy and it is full of fancy with stones plastered on the walls and carved wooden furniture.

Image Courtesy Of Charming Puglia

If you opt for an upgrade, you’ll get a terrace and will be able to get a soothing massage in your room. Plus, the hotel tubs are free-standing for absolute relaxation.

Chill Out At Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

In calming Finland, you can find Hotel Kakslauttanen nestled in the forest along the Kakslauttanen river.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The rooms are shaped like an igloo with glass walls and ceilings so you can enjoy the view of the forest. It comes with sleeping bags but the bathrooms are shared in a separate building. 

The interior here will make you feel like you have entered a mystical land made of ice. However, don’t worry about freezing as it is equipped with a fireplace and a sauna to keep you nice and toasty. Breakfast and dinner here is served for free which is always a plus!

Take In The View At Whitepod, Geneva Switzerland

Whitepod is an “eco-luxury hotel” filled with high-tech pods that are nestled in the Swiss Alps.

At Whitepod, prepare yourself for luxury all around and still have a low carbon footprint. The “pods” are rounded in shape and are tucked on a wooden platform surrounded by snow, overlooking the majestic view of Lake Geneva.

Image Courtesy Of Kayak

In your own pod, you will find a pellet stove to keep you nice and warm and a bathroom to yourself. The rooms are located 2 meters above sea level and come with a sauna and bar for you to relax. 

Spend The Night Underground At Sala Silvermine, Sweden

Delve underground at the Sala Silvermine in Sweden which is built 500 feet underground. This place is not for claustrophobes. However, if you’re up for a quiet, dimly lit place and an adventure, this place is for you!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

The suite is equipped with a double bed for your absolute comfort. There are lights around the cave but not too much as to allow guests to really take in the cave-like wonder.

Clown Around At The Clown Motel, Tonopah, Nevada

You would think that clowns and hotels wouldn’t be a good match but at the Clown Motel at Nevada, they believe clowning around is the best thing ever.

Image Courtesy Of aminoapps.com

It can get a little creepy at night as it is located next to a cemetery and is filled with everything clown-like. 

Life-sized clown mannequins are placed throughout the hotels and dolls are hung on the walls, even above the bed. So if clowns aren’t your thing, you may want to try another motel.

Get Creeped Out At The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Massachusetts, USA

Lizzy Borden was a household name in the 1890s as she was the prime suspect of the murder of her parents. It was believed she killed them with an axe with about 10 strikes each.

Image Courtesy Of MichaelKleen.com

For some reason, someone decided it would be a great idea to turn this very same home into a Bed and Breakfast. 

There are 8 rooms in the house and you can even rent the very room the murders occured. If you’re a huge crime and mystery buff, this place is for you but if you’re going to just stay for curiosity, perhaps take a buddy along for the night.

Take In The Magic Of Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

The beautiful Montana Magica Lodge is nestled in the jungles of Chile’s Huilo Natural Reserve. The lodge while gorgeous comes at a price and it’s the journey. You will take about 2 hours from the main island to get there and you will have to cross a rope bridge. So braCe yourself because the end result is worth it!

Image Courtesy Of Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

The amenities here put 5-star hotels in the cities to shame. The hot tubs are unique as they are actually large trees that were cut down and dugout. From there, you can overlook the jungle calmness.

Go Oriental At Panda Inn, Emeishan, China

The Panda inn is exactly as it sounds. The 32 rooms are all furnished according to the adorable panda. If that isn’t enough, even the staff are dressed in panda costumes!

Image Courtesy Of Pandainn

So if pandas are something you’re into, consider staying here when you visit the country!

Sleeping A Silo? Try The SiloStay, New Zealand

Ever wondered how the inside of a silo looked like? Well, here’s your chance to stay in one. The SiloStay Hotel is located at the Little River in New Zealand. All the silos are repurposed and the interior will surprise you.

Image Courtesy Of TripAdvisor

On the outside, the silo’s look plain and boring but on the inside, it’s fully modernized with a large comfy bed, bathrooms and even a kitchenette!

On their site, you can opt for packages that will include biking on the trails while taking in the gorgeous Peninsula views. 

Sleep Among The Gods At Tianzi Hotel, Dandong, China

This hotel has an impressive exterior. It is designed after the Chinese Gods of prosperity (Fu), Status (Lu) and longevity (Shou).  

Image Courtesy Of TripAdvisor

The hotel received a Guinness world record for the “Biggest Image Building and has remained that ever since.

The hotel interior is rather basic like every other hotel but you can opt to stay at specific parts of the hotel, like the peach or even inside one of the god’s head! 

Live Like A Sailor At V.O.F. Dromen Aan Zee, The Netherlands

Ever wanted to experience what it’d be like living on a boat? Well, here’s your chance to do exactly that!

Image Courtesy Of dromenaanzee

This Dutch series has rooms set up inside a harbour crane, lifeboat and a lighthouse.

The rooms have been modified with modern amenities. You can opt to choose from either one of the three and you will get an amazing view regardless. 

Camp Out At Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

This place if perfect for those who want to spend the night with some authentic camping.

Image Courtesy Of Atlas Obscura

The lodge is located smack in the middle of the forest where all you will see are trees and mother nature at her best.

However, you won’t have access to running water and electricity. On the other hand, you will have a fireplace to keep yourself warm. So, if you can live without the frills and fancies, this is not the place for you.

Live It Up At The Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield, UK

The Crazy Bear is a fancy place that offers a medieval-looking interior that will take you back to the 15th century. You will feel like a Viking when you dine at the restaurant.

Image Courtesy Of Voyage Prive

The hotel practices a strict dress code to keep up with appearance so no wearing t-shirts or flip flops as they prefer smart casual attire only. 

Be One With Nature At Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia Canada

Stay in orbs at the Free Spirit Spheres and live your fairy dreams! The rooms are designed in a spherical orb that mimics nature. The suspension is that of a spiders web so that it is stable enough to avoid cracking or breaking. 

Image Courtesy Of Trip Advisor

The interior is quaint and cosy with benches, loft beds and small appliances. The shape of the rooms gives the windows a curved shape as well which gives you an amazing view of nature right outside. 

Go Back To The Future at Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, Shenzhen, China

Unlike the previous hotel, this one is completely decked out with every modern and futuristic. However, the rooms are capsule rooms and you will have around the clock butler service, except the butler is a robot!

Image Courtesy Of Pinterest

The rates are surprisingly low so if you need to stay somewhere to do work or just enjoy more modern facilities, this place is perfect for you. 

The rates are surprisingly low so if you need to stay somewhere to do work or just enjoy more modern facilities, this place is perfect for you. 

Holiday In A Bum-hole (Literally) At The Casanus, Stekene Belgium

You may wonder why on earth you would ever stay in a hovel that looked like an anus. We ask why not? For the sake of adventure and a fun story to tell others, we say go for it! 

Image Courtesy Of TripAdvisor

Though it may look uncomfortable and unappealing on the outside, the interior is rather comfy. It is spacious with a large bed and basic amenities for your comfort. 

Get Salty At Palacio De Sal, Bolivia

This hotel interior mimics its location which is the largest salt marsh. Everything in the room is made of salt, even the furniture.

Image Courtesy Of Trip Advisor

It is made from one million of bricks of salt. Impressive!

Sleeping With The Sharks At Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Maldives

This place may be a tad bit pricey but for honeymooners or those looking for a good time, you can opt for the Conrad. You are able to dine while looking up at the marine life swimming above you.

Image Courtesy Of conradmaldives

The crystal clear waters will allow your mind to fall into a state of tranquillity and the interior will just pamper your senses! It truly is a paradise on earth. 

Be At Peace At Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria

This tube-like hoTel sounds and looks uncomfortable but we assure you it is not. If you treasure your peace and quiet, we suggest the Das Park Hotel.

Image Courtesy Of Trip Advisor

It gives you total privacy and you get to stay in a tube!

The surrounding area is just like any other hotel with toilets, cafes, restaurants and whatnot. So if you’re looking for something different, drop by and stay the night here instead.

Camouflage At The Mirrorcube, Sweden

This hotel camouflages itself with trees by having the exterior walls built with mirror glass. You may actually walk right into it or miss it if you don’t pay attention. 

Image Courtesy Of Dezeen

The best part of the glass is that you get to view the forest in a panoramic view. You will get total privacy here as the glass can only be seen one way.  The accommodation comes with a double bed seating area and an attached toilet as well. 

Go Back To The Stone Age With Radeka Downunder, Coober Pedy, Australia

If you were a fan of the Flintstones growing up, you are going to adore this place. Located in a South Australian desert, this hotel gives out total stone age vibes.

Image Courtesy Of Trip Advisor

Come with your friends or family to enjoy this truly unique experience. Plus, there is a lot to do while you are there. Consider going to a drive-in cinema or gaze at the unspoiled star-filled night sky.

So if you want a fun and exciting place instead of a regular hotel, consider this place on your next travel plans!

Chill At The Icehotel, Sweden

Be an ice queen at the Ice Hotel in Sweden where everything is made from ice! Staying here is a huge plus as you get a clear view of the northern lights.

Image Courtesy Of Discover The World

This hotel is magical as it will only ‘appear’ from December till April.

Seeing as it is made of ice, the ice will melt and turn into the Torne River. So when you get the chance, visit the hotel and take in the wonder of this ever-changing experience. 

Go Pink At Palms Hotel’s Barbie Suite

This hotel is built for those who are Barbie obsessed! Or perhaps even just a huge fan of everything pink. The interior is completely Barbie-fied and is perfect for fun nights with the ladies or even the boys, because why not!

Image Courtesy Of PopSugar

At the entrance, you will find a wallpaper with images of all the types of Barbies and, of course, Barbie statues all over the place. The view from the glass windows is breathtaking as you can see Vegas and The Strip. The view from the rooms is amazing as you get to view all of Vegas in its fiery glory. The bathroom is just as amazing.

It comes with a humongous tub, two showers and even a stripper pole! If this doesn’t scream bachelorette party, we don’t know what will. 

Explore Space On Earth At Bivacco Gervasutti, Italy

Want to go on a holiday to the corner of the world where no one will think to find you so that you can find inner peace? Consider the Bivacco Gervasutti. It gives you space and complete tranquillity. 

Image Courtesy Of Uniqhotels

Hikers who enjoy a good adventure and a cosy place to sleep while climbing should come over to this hotel. The hotel is about 9300 feet in the Mont Blanc mountain and has a unique wooden structure that protects hikers from the changing weathers. 

Start An Adventure At Railway Square Yha, Sydney, Australia

Want to travel around Sydney and also meet new people and network yourself? This hostel provides just that and in the railway station at that.

Image Courtesy Of Sydneybesthotels

The red carriages are where the rooms are located and are only a mile away from the Sydney centre. If you travel alone or with your mates, you can enjoy breakfast, snack bar and even a barbecue while on the train.

Their website offers a wide range of activities to try and even museums o explore. Plus, you will be able to get a discount for some of the activities! If you don’t feel like heading into the city to have fun, they have activities within the premise as well which will promise you time with new pals from all walks of life.

Holiday In A Giant Potato At Big Idaho Potato Hotel, Idaho

If you’re going to visit the land of the infamous potatoes, why not stay in one as well, right?

Image Courtesy Of Today Show

Idaho is known for its exceptional potatoes. Which is probably why the person who built this hovel decided to make one shaped like a giant potato to pay tribute to what his hometown is famous for.

The living space inside is much more impressive than its exterior. You will find a comfy queen-sized bed, an attached bathroom, kitchenette and a fireplace to keep warm. But if you go over in the summer, you will find that it is equipped with air conditioning as well for a chilled nights rest.  

Jazz It Up At V8 Hotel, Germany

Remember the Barbie hotel earlier? Well, this hotel screams the absolute opposite of that with its masculine interior.

Image Courtesy Of Best Western Premier Hotels

The furnishings pay tribute to the different types of vehicles throughout the decades. 

You can even opt to stay in specific rooms with certain vehicles but you may have to check with them beforehand.

Prepare For Taking Off With Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

Taking flights are always fun and exciting, for some people at least. So if you are part of those people who do enjoy taking flights, you will love this next hotel. 

Image Courtesy Of Kayak

The image above is actually a decommission jetliner which has been turned into a hotel.

The bathrooms and not attached and is shared but if you opt for the ever luxurious cockpit suite, you will get an attached bathroom. You will also be able to enjoy food onboard as there is a small restaurant available. A quirky thing that is done here is that a stewardess or at least a hotel staff dressed like one will be making announcements over the speakers.  

Stay In The Belly Of The Beast At The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Are you a dog lover? Do you love anything that has to do with your furry loved ones?

Image Courtesy Of Trip Advisor

Well this hotel is shaped like a dog and you get to stay in it! Weirdly enough, this hotel is also located in Idaho which is home to the potato hotel as well. 

This dog is called Sweet Willy and it is a bed and breakfast that stands at 12 feet tall. You can bring friends over for a fun stay as it accommodates up to 4 people at a time.

Strap In At The Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Still can’t get over the previous aviation hotel? Me neither! So here’s another quirky hotel to give you a holiday buzz. The decommissioned aeroplane is located at a rainforest in beautiful Costa Rica. 

Image Courtesy Of MentalFloss

It features a two-bedroom suite and comes with in house facilities such as restaurants, pools and sundecks.

The pools are awesome as they are based on the cliffside overlooking the splendour of the forest. 

Get Back To Nature With Kumbuk River Resort, Sri Lanka

Ditch the idea of going to Paris for a romantic trip and look to Kumbuk River Resort at Sri Lanka instead. This cosy resort will leave you to enjoy nature with activities such as animal watching, hiking and even fishing. 

Image Courtesy Of El Tiempo

If you wish to just unwind and relax, you can spend your time taking a dip in the clean rivers and spoil yourself to the amazing local food provided.

However, keep in mind that the hotel aims to keep the vibes as peaceful as possible which is why they only take up to 10 guests at a time so you will have to call in advanced to check for availability.