How NCAA And the New XFL are Competing

By Shane R March 28, 2020

Alternative football leagues have come and gone (R.I.P. AAF), but the revised XFL may be here for the long haul. Now, you may be thinking that the first XFL did not go so well. Why will this version be any better?

Well, the XFL may have learned its lesson from past mistakes: do not compete with the NFL. Instead, compete with the NCAA. With the NCAA making college football players stay in school of a minimum of 3-years before going pro, the XFL may be able to sweep in and gain some traction across the United States of America.

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On average, XFL teams are paying its players $55,000 per year, with quarterbacks making as much as a half-million dollars a season. How are they affording this? If other leagues have gone bankrupt, why not this one? Well, owner Vince McMahon has a lot of money. You know, the money McMahon has made by owning WWE. McMahon has put $500 million of his own money into the XFL and that should hold the league up for a while.

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Talented players will want to play for the XFL, too. High school athletes will be able to come right out to the XFL to give professional football a whirl, while making money and giving them a shot to impress scouts at the next level.

Also, college players can leave after a year or two for the same reasons. If the XFL can maintain sponsors and an audience, it may be a league that is here to stay.