Post COVID-19 Formula 1

By Letizia L July 29, 2020

The 2020 season will be profoundly different from the past years: in addition to the absence of spectators in the stands, we will not find many of the typical F1 ceremonies that kept us entertained in recent years. 

Ross Brawn, general manager of Formula 1, made it clear from the outset that the rules of social distancing provided will be put in place; guaranteeing the safety of all those who work in the event: “Every aspect, from the entry and exit times of the team, has been studied but not yet fully finalized, we are working ​​to perfect every single detail”.

The party on the podium is one of the most iconic symbols of F1, but even this moment will undergo significant changes: on the podium, in fact, the minimum safety distance between the drivers cannot be guaranteed and, for the same reason, trophies will not be hand-delivered.

“The podium procedure cannot be done as it was before Covid-19, but we are trying to do something on the grid after the race. One option would be to align the cars on the track with the drivers who would stop in front of them. “

“We can’t deliver the trophies since you can’t have someone nearby delivering the trophy, but we’re working on this: we have plans and procedures, we’re trying to figure out how to deliver it on TV.”

Normally, a couple of hours before the start of the race, the drivers get on a trailer or historic cars and complete a lap to greet the public and to conduct interviews. Without the public and with the new rules of social distancing, all of this cannot happen now.