Racism and USA: It Looks Like the Redskins Will Change Their Name

By Letizia L July 12, 2020

The noble profile of an Indian. The stylized logo that distinguishes the historic Washington Redskins franchise could soon change radically. While the US continues to be shaken by violent episodes of policemen on African Americans, the NFL also tries to chase a politically correct approach after having, in fact, “banished” since 2017 Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of the anti-racism kneeling protest.

Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

So, in a released note, the Redskins, who in the past had defended the logo and name, announce that they are ready to change. “The internal evaluation and discussion process – explains the Washington team – will allow the team not only to take into account the tradition and history of the brand but also the indications that come from the sponsors, the National Football Association and the community we represent”. Signed, Daniel Snyder, the patron of the team.

New coach Ron Rivera added: “I will be close to the president at this stage, we want to continue honoring Native Americans and our team.”

Recently, sponsors have increased pressure on the team to change the name that some believe offensive, especially now, in the wake of protests against racism and the push for greater inclusion and diversity.

And there’s more. The National Football League, after some self-criticisms on the Kaepernick case, plans to have the song ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’, known as the African American national anthem, performed live or recorded before each game of the first week of the season.