Snaps of Cats That Will Melt Anyone’s Heart- NG

By sapir.r June 28, 2020

Dogs may be known as man’s best friend, but that’s just because cats don’t need anybody. However, when they do come for that late night or way too early in the morning snuggle, there’s no animal that shows more devotion when getting pampered by their loving humans. Being a cat person demands a lot, from a strong character that is needed to fend off all the judgmental feline stares, to patience and a deep wallet, because let’s face it stuff is gonna break. Although the common household cat is smarter than the average dog, it can take care of itself and doesn’t constantly demand attention as well as their most important quality… They are so freakin’ cute. Some of us have own one cat and others own 6, but even if you aren’t a huge cat fan, you might just turn into one after reading this.

Common Household Dispute

Especially after being cooped up inside, for a long period of time, it’s no surprise to start carrying out real, heartfelt conversations with the household pet. Of course, with any complicated relationship, sometimes those deep talks quickly turn into anger-filled arguments.

Image Courtesy of Peopleorganizedunderthenewcatempire / imgur

These two are obviously not seeing eye-to-eye right now. No one even remembers what or who started the fight. Though at this point neither is looking to back down, and the third party is looking at a long mediation role. Unfortunately, this seems to happen at least once a week, so maybe it’s time for a break?

Say What?

For as long as humans have had pets, they have tried again and again to try and communicate with the animals. Usually, by mimicking the sound that a particular animal makes ( been there, done that). We’ve all been caught at one time or another, desperately trying to get some kind of conversation with our pets.

Image Courtesy of © OrangeSpoon / Imgur  

This woman meowed back at her cat, unknowingly successfully speaking the cat’s language. Therefore, creating a rare moment of trans-species communication. Now, we may not know what she was able to actually utter in cat talk, but by the look on his face, it wasn’t something appropriate.

The Battle For Love Begins…

We all love seeing those videos of cats welcoming their human’s newborn-baby with nothing but love and compassion. Snuggling up with the little one and protecting them from any impending dangers. It’s often pretty important that your cat baby gets along with your human baby because you don’t want to be put in a situation where you have to choose…

However, not all kitties are cool with the newborn. Like this ferocious beast, who’s not only hating the idea of a cuter being entering his home, but also seems like he’s decided to end this before it begins. We have a feeling though that they’ll be friends before you know it… or the strongest survive.

The Guardians Of The Underworld

Well, this is a bit freaky. In ancient cultures, cats were considered the guardians of the underworld, therefore felines were treated with great respect. Just waking up to the sight of your cats, should usually be a non-threatening event.

@MemesLo23922407 / Twitter

Though, waking up to two black cats guarding the entrance to the basement, or underworld, should cause full-on panic. It’s probably safe to stay away from the basement for the time being. At least while these demonic cats are doing their devilish business.

Well That’s Not Good

Back in ancient Egyptian culture cats were revered as gods. Throughout the ages, cats have been the pet symbol of royalty. Though, sometimes these foolish felines don’t act with such esteem behavior. Just like this poor guy who lost his marbles when trying to free himself from a vase.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Unfortunately, the distraught feline was left with a pottery necklace, that does kind of resemble the neckpieces of the Egyptian pharaohs. Even with how cool that sounds, sure enough, the kitty has had enough and wants out. The only question is, how?

He’s Really Not Impressed

This cat owner thought it would be a great idea to get a tattoo of his four-legged furry friend, as a way to show the tomcat how much he loves him. Now, tattoos are a tricky game, as they don’t really wash off.

Image Courtesy of Other Perspectives / Facebook

Well, in the case of this little fellow getting honoured by his human, we can say he’s not as impressed as one might be at the honour. The cat’s expression says it all. This is one tough kitty to please. Guess, it’s back to the drawing board on this one.

Have You No Chill Kitty?

This is hysterical! Not only does this faultfinding feline come over uninvited, but it has the audacity to just sit there and disapprove of its neighbors’ existence. Typical judgmental cat behavior.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Though, if you’re gonna be disproved by a feline, it might as well be this mini-majestic lion. It looks straight out of a cat commercial and he is one bad cat. He doesn’t play by the rules, he makes his own path, and poops in any litter box he deems fit.

Cat In A Tank… Enough Said

Never thought you would hear those two words in a phrase, huh? Well, this person put up none-other than a photo of a cat in a tank… I repeat, a cat in a tank, just in case that didn’t sit in yet. That’s probably the last man-made thing we need to introduce to them.

Image Courtesy of u/Chief_Slee / Reddit

As if cats weren’t dangerous enough, we’ve seen them use their razor-sharp wit to get their way, even at times picking up a knife just for giggles. Though this crosses the line, cats don’t need another superweapon. However, at least he’s a responsible tank-cat, open to critique on his driving skills, as he ploughs through the neighbour’s veggie garden looking for some tail.

Hard To Resist

Cats may bring a lot of chaos into our lives. They may tend to break, scratch, or destroy any household object at any moment, but cats also have that other side. That lovable, cuddly, makes its human feel like ‘a million dollars’ side.

Image Courtesy of u/captainbrave6 / Reddit

No matter how rare it is, those adorable moments cause us to melt in their paws, Just look at this wide-eyed, fluffy angel. Playing the whole ‘Puss In Boots’ routine, just yearning for some love and attention. Kitty here has the look down and knows when to use it. Just pick her up… please!

“Call Me Cute One More Time!”

Usually, cats dominate our social media feeds for their adorable and lovable cuteness. Everyone has that one friend, let’s call her “Becky”.Becky won’t stop posting photos of her furry little Oscar in all his funny little hats.

Though this cat owner knows what he’s working with. He knows that this isn’t one of those cute cuddly cats. This feline has seen some stuff. He doesn’t even need to hiss, it’s all in his expression. This one tough SOB. He’ll cut you.

Me Fits, Me Sits

When finally getting that beloved adorable little kitten, the human-feline bond begins. It starts with creating comfort and familiarity while giving as much love as possible. While they’re young, they can be so cute when fitting into the most adorable places.

Image Courtesy of juliarofl / Imgur

The only problem though is once they get older, they tend to get bigger and a whole lot heavier. Just like this cat who still thinks its a baby. It is just unwilling to let-go of rituals of the past. Hey, at least it tries, and somehow it kind of works.

It’s A Christmas Miracle

Wouldn’t we all wish to rediscover the magic and spirit of Christmas every year, over and over again? Seeing all the Xmas themed decorations cover lawn to lawn, ingesting the aroma of all the delightful baked goods coming from mom in the kitchen. Ok, we wandered way off track, back to kitties.

Image Courtesy of BatmansPetCorgi / Imgur

Luckily, for this cat, all those wonderful parts of the Christmas spirit are forgotten once the sun shines on December 26th. He gets to relive the awe enticing visuals of the wintery holiday as if it is his first time. His eyes tell the whole story. This cat is hooked on being merry and has got the perfect image to prove it.

All’s Well That Ends Well

This guy frantically put up posters, in an effort to find his lost feline. Which is totally understandable. The stress of losing a four-legged friend can cause people to do some weird things. Although, here, it seems that the joy of finding a lost pet has caused, the lost cat’s human to take the odd path to rejoice.

Image Courtesy of CUTESYPOOH.COM / Pinterest

Obviously, this guy finding his Ginger is very cute, and the fact that he felt the need to tell everyone about it is so heartwarming. However, putting up even more posters to apologize for the previous ‘Lost’ posters means he’s kind of stepping over the point for the apology. Either way, at least Ginger is looking comfortable.


It’s hard to ignore a cat that finally wants its human’s attention. Everyone just wants their cats to love them. So, sometimes to get that love, one has got to cheat, and one of the best ways to do so is to use some sugary sweet delight.

Image Courtesy of © anlyin / Imgur  

This husband found the right treat for his cat to win its affection. Keeping wifey in the dark is the most important, and beneficial for both sides. Human gets some love, while kitty gets fat on whipped-cream. Now, that’s one way to whip a cat…


Sometimes, it’s like cats wake up in the morning with a planned-out day of chaos. From the kitchen to the bathroom no breakable object is safe from the paws of the common house-cat. These pranksters know no limits.

Image Courtesy of © Applepieohmy / Imgur  

It could be a buzzing fly or even just mischief infused boredom that creates scenes like this destroyed potted plant, and its destroyer, caught in the palms of justice. Just by the look on its face, we know the cat never thought it would get caught. Though, kitty still claims innocence to this very day.

Sleep With Both Eyes Open

Oh my God! His sister’s cat is obviously giving him the ultimate ‘crazy-eyes’ stare. It almost looks like some kind of freaky off-off-brand children’s toy, especially with that hauntingly crazy gaze. A seemingly blood-lusting gaze, with one target in mind.

We all can agree that this won’t end well and that it appears the house isn’t big enough for both of them. Meaning that it’s probably smart for this guy to either start packing or stock-up on some tuna can bribes.

The Leaf Hunter

We can all relate to what it is like having an older brother or sister. Always outperforming their younger counterparts and showing off to mom and dad. Therefore, it comes to no surprise, that the younger siblings will once in a while try and outshine the elders.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Obviously, in this case, that did not come to fruition. This cat’s hunting skills are severely lacking compared to his brother’s. While his bro is catching mice and snakes, this cat is taking care of that fall landscaping. The only problem is that he’s doing it only one leaf at a time.

Moving Can Be Hard

Moving to a new home can cause hair to turn white with stress. Even after all the unpacking, it can still be difficult to readjust to a new area. Deciding where to unpack things can be one of the main hassles. Where the nearest outlet is to plug in the microwave and cat… Hold on, what?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

It’s pretty common for pets to take sometimes up of a week to get used to a new house, with new smells. So, many times these furry friends will try to hide until they adjust. Unlike this cat, who really didn’t know where to bury himself. Eventually, settling for the most ridiculous place possible. Don’t worry kitty, it can only get better for you.

Fake Raven

This cat is obviously a Game of Thrones fan. He knows, that when he sees ravens around, then something is up. However, this friendly neighborhood cat has definitely noticed something a bit odd about this still bird.

Image Courtesy of © Jortsu / Imgur  

Nope, the bird isn’t frozen in fear but a fake one. the bird’s unresponsive vibe is causing this curious feline to start questioning a lot about his life. The cat’s expression says it all, and it seems though he’s decided to back off… for now!

David vs. Goliath

No matter how many times we see these images, it is always so cute and heartwarming. The often small kitten attempting to play with their usually far larger canine sibling gets us every time. Why the dogs cower in fear at the sight of these tiny kittens is currently beyond our knowledge.

It could be that the dog is just making-face for the humans, knowing they will get some belly rubs after the charade is over. However, it also could be that they know cats can be evil, and it’s better to start showing respect while they are young.

He’s A Bit Different

Cats can be wonderful hunters. They love finding and hunting little critters to bring as gifts for their humans. We must not forget, but the common house cat has lion-like hunting instincts, making them top of the food chain in the suburban area.

Image Courtesy of pinkcatmakeupbag / imgur

Though, sometimes the cats lean into the suburban life a bit too much. Especially, when it comes to losing that cat-like agility after gaining a few extra pounds. Just look at this cat, who seems to have totally forgotten his killer instinct as a pigeon ravishes through the kitchen.

Maybe Just Read A Book Instead

When raising cats, an important thing to remember is they tend to make themselves at home, meaning their human’s home. Wanna cook? Nope, kitty decided to stroll across the counter. Wanna chill on the couch and watch TV? Better back off bro, kitty wants to snooze now.


It’s not this person’s fault that they just wanted to unwind and watch a flick after a long day at work. However, they should have thought twice about where and when they would have liked to do their binging. Because from the looks of it kitty ain’t moving, so maybe hit the gym instead.

How Do You Like It?

Every cat owner knows the famous early morning wake-up, just as a way for kitty to mess with you. A routine one has to get used to if they wanna enjoy all of the perks of raising an adorable feline. It’s not the cat’s fault. They are pretty much nocturnal animals and tend to be awake and playful while we’re deep in sleep.

With that in mind, this cat owner found a pretty amusing way to give kitty the payback it deserves. Getting a little taste of its own medicine, this cat didn’t appreciate the early wake-up call. Immediately staring-down its abuser with a, ‘way too early for this crap’ look.

Isn’t That Nice?

Like with young children, it’s great for pet owners to arrange play-dates for their beloved pets with their fellow kind. With cats there is no difference, they like to rough around with others of their cat kind.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Though it’s cats like Ralph here, who give his kind the independence and respect cats receive from us. Ralph is a punctual boy, never late to pick up his play-friend for a round of chase the butterflies. Or at least that’s what devious Ralph tells his friend’s owner that they’re doing (enter evil cat laugh).

She’s Mine!

Often times our pet foster parents are overlooked. They have one of the hardest jobs of them all. They take care of all the unwanted animals until they hopefully find their forever homes. Putting endless effort in caring for a dog or a kitten, only to having to eventually say goodbye.

This cat owner found out that her little feline clan was growing from one to two. Essentially, her ginger cat had put its foot down after falling in love with the little foster kitten, who was only supposed to be temporary. By the looks of them both together, it’s hard not to see this getting any cuter.

Some Cats Are Just Unique

This kitty has a truly unique feature. All of the cat’s paws have a different pattern of the same black and pink colors. Creating unique combinations for every furry foot.

This cat is a walking-meowing art exhibit. The slight difference in the colors between the paws makes for an extraordinary visual. It’s pretty safe to assume that when this kitty walks, it walks with style. Now, if I could only get that same color scheme for my nails.

Uh… Something’s Wrong

Taking the perfect picture of your pet can be pretty difficult. Just getting them to stop for a second in place can be a real challenge. Though, when the magical moment finally happens, often pretty funny pics come out of it.

Like this dude that tried to take a photo of his kitty and accidentally teleported the cat’s head to the other side of the galaxy. Essentially, opening a black hole to the feline dimension. Hmmm… That could be a great Sci-Fi movie plot. Nevertheless, this guy, caught his cat at the essential viral-photo moment, for our pleasure, and for that we thank him.

That’s It, I’m Done

Sometimes these kitties just don’t understand, how hard we work to buy them their fancy food and toys. Sacrificing our leisure for theirs. Now obviously, we don’t really expect gratitude but at least they could actually use the expensive things we buy them.

Image Courtesy of © Applepieohmy / Imgur  

This cat mom has definitely had enough. As her cat doesn’t really seem to get the whole concept of a bed, hung specifically for its furry butt. It would be a great cover against the rain, but for that to happen, it would probably need to be placed outside.

We’re Gonna Need A Price Check Here

Anyone who has traveled knows that in almost every mini-mart around the world, somewhere lays a cat, as if it owned the place. Usually, they play along. The find a nice corner and just chill there. Though sometimes these felines feel the need to show who’s truly the boss of the store.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Then you get a beautiful moment like this one, where a cat wandered into a local grocery store and decided to take a nap in the chips and candy section. Just imagine the stock worker’s face when realizing he’s pricing, ‘M&M’s at $1.49, chips $2.27, and cat at 79 cents’.

Not The Winter Type, Huh?

While the other seasons usually get all the attention and love. Once winter finally comes, that first snowfall is a magical moment. With everything covered in the white powdery snow, it’s pretty hard to resist the urge to go out and have some fun.

Image Courtesy of DrWhoodles / imgur

Animals are usually the first ones out, jumping into the snow so joyfully, squirming around in the freeze without care on their mind. Except for this kitty, who knew that one step was all she needed. Back to hibernation on the couch for this feline. We’ll check-in again around March.

The Cat Slayer

This one feline pulled straight from the Game of Thrones set. His luxurious furry coat gives him the appearance of a great northern cat-clan leader. Using the fur of his victims to adorn his already magnificent coat, while turning the teeth into a necklace, putting fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Image Courtesy of u/VoltasPistol / reddit

Nah, we just playing! This is just one fine specimen of a feline. It almost doesn’t look real. From looking at the level of sophistication in this feline, either this is some kind of rare cat from a royal dynasty. Or, possibly, this is what having a lot of money can create – the most majestic animal in the kingdom.

Just Another Halloween Ritual

This is one scary ritual, especially if you’re just taking an evening stroll during the spooky days of Halloween. Seeing this clowder of cats (look it up) definitely raises a few questions. Is there something special about the ginger cat? Is she the leader?

Image Courtesy of imgur

This seems way to freaky to be a coincidence. During Halloween, a holiday symbolized by the black cat, and here lays a whole group of them. Nah… Forget trick-or-treating this year. Something evil is afoot… better to wait out this one back at home.

They’re Evolving

Opposable thumbs and a smart brain are what gave apes and humans a leg up over the rest of the animal kingdom. So, it’s a good thing to pay attention to other species, just to keep an eye on any evolutionary activity.

Little Oliver, here, seems to have developed some special digits on his paws. Making them look more like hands with razor-sharp claws. After viewing millions of cat videos, we all know that they are much smarter than we give them credit… but now, they got thumbs! Uh-oh, humans! Time to move over for the dawn of the cat.

Addictions Are Hard

Not only is there an empty wine bottle behind this kitty with a problem, but little fur-ball here fell asleep, almost inside his timed feeder. After falling behind on his diet and exercise routine, it was definitely time to get back some control over his over-eating issue.

Image Courtesy of itsnotwhatitsoundslike / imgur

All his human wanted was to help shed some of those extra pounds and get back that summer-bod. However, the cat is finding it a bit difficult to adapt to this new system. Gifting us this beautiful moment that shows the bond between a cat and his food source.

Lion King Reenactment

Trying to get everything ready for moving day can be a big hassle. Double that hassle, when you have two mischievous felines running around the house. Though, sometimes just stopping and enjoying the feline ruckus is totally worth it.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This interference of cat-play ended up turning into a classic movie moment. You all remember that monumental scene before Mufasa dies by the hands of his evil brother Scar. Here, it’s recreated by two house cats and a mattress. The only problem with this remake, is there are no Timon and Pumba.

Spoiled Little Cat

This is definitely one of those instances where mommy has been spoiling her little kitty a bit too much. Both an iPad and a yurt, I think it’s time to start cutting back on feline expenses. It’s hard to believe that this cat has a better life than most of us.

Image Courtesy of © jdeko / Reddit  

Those iPads are pretty expensive, especially when given to house pets. This cat is living large, and by now, expects only the quality out of life. Cutting back for this kitty may be quite hard considering its used to the ‘good life’.

Favorite Season

Fall is a special season. The leaves turning colors and falling off the trees. The cooler breeze that picks up, taking the heat away. Yep, it’s the Autumn that gets the win for most photogenic as well. From Instagram to Facebook, the fall photos bring all their glory.

This feline isn’t about to miss out on the trend. He’s taking in those warming rays and feels at comfort between the fallen leaves. Nothing gets better than this… Well, except maybe a bowl of milk and back rub, maybe?

We’ve Got A Hitchhiker

That is usually not the regular way to get a cat, to answer his question, but whatever works for him, I guess. That’s one of the cool things about cats, they easily feel comfortable with good people. This guy could have just chucked the feline out of his moving vehicle.

However, he stayed calm, cool, and even got a pretty good post out of it. That’s definitely one surprise you don’t live down so easily. It looks like you’re a cat-daddy now. Better get used to it.

Something Seems Different

When raising cats, it is pretty difficult to have other animals as well. As cats are such prolific hunters and generally like to toy around with anything smaller than them, it can be a real challenge to take care of another pet.


However, this kitty cat found his spot inside of the turtle’s terrarium. This could have turned into an ugly battle of claws and shells. But, the little turtle doesn’t care. Cat or no cat, he’s going for his morning walk, whether he has to walk over the fur-ball.

It Could Have Been Worse

While it is pretty common for household pets to hide the occasional object. It’s a whole other thing for a naive-looking cat to have a fixation on one specific thing. Maybe he believes bottle caps will be the new currency once the end-of-the-world hits?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Or he could possibly just be bad at recycling and doesn’t get that he’s supposed to collect the bottles and not their caps. Either way, by the look on his little face, he’s more than shocked. It looks like he had that realization that he may have a bit of a problem.

When You Need That Extra Belly Space

Being an overweight cat has its challenges. It can cause people to stare and laugh, as well as, other cats not wanting to play anymore, and of course, the obvious health issues. Therefore, finding comfort while juggling all this can be quite a hassle.

Image Courtesy of u/anewhigh / Reddit

Though, this heavy kitty has seemed to have found his ideal comfort spot. Not only does the wood shelf offer a great scratching surface, but also there’s a place to hold his chubby tummy. Forget the haters, you do you chubby cat.

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

Bringing a new child home is usually a cause for joy. Well, that is, unless you’re the older sibling who is about to lose out on a whole bunch of attention. It can take time for the young to be accepted by those who came before.


After fighting for weeks on end, it seems as the older kitty has finally deemed the younger kitten, family. The two sit side-by-side with their tails tangled in a bond of brothers, looking off to a brighter future. This just shows that even among the chaos a strong connection can be forged.

Colorful Coincidence

Holiday decorations really liven up the household as well as getting everyone into the holiday spirit, pets not excluded. Gigi here just wanted to catch some mid-day rays under the Easter decal, unknowingly turning into a 60’s psychedelic trip.

Image Courtesy of u/drewsoulman / Reddit

Gigi really does look like a character out of the beloved Dr. Seuss books. Just, let’s hope she doesn’t get used to the idea because ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ might sound like a good story, but makes for a terrible breakfast.

Hint, Hint

It’s happened to all pet owners at one time or another. Trying to keep track of our busy lives so much so, that we may forget a thing or two during the day. Hopefully, it was just a mistake on behalf of Winnie’s human leaving her without water.

However, the visually impaired little fur-ball found the perfect way to let her humans know when she needs tending. Or, why else would the cat sit in her own water bowl? While some cats may cause a fuss and beat around the bush, Winnie is more of an ‘in your face’ kind of character.

Dumb But Cute

One of the main reasons we love our furry friends is because they tend to be a somewhat childish and silly part of our otherwise serious lives. Just consider the number of videos online of cats and dogs embarrassing themselves to laughing human audience.

Image Courtesy of u/KingkongRS7 / Reddit

All this ginger wanted to do is take a quick swig of some quality H2O. However, he didn’t really get how to effectively perform this somewhat simple task. Instead of draining the refreshing faucet water down his throat, the silly feline ended up adorably taking a splash to the face. Good thing this cat has a loving human, because it probably wouldn’t have survived in the wild too long.

That’s Just Not Cool Human

We all cherish our four-legged companions. From our Facebook walls to our actual walls, it’s pretty common for a pet owner to plaster photos of their furry children. While a few framed pictures here and there is totally understandable and often times cute.

Image Courtesy of princesstigerbelle
/ tumblr

This cat owner has gone a bit overboard with their pet admiration. This kitty’s human has taken to the pillows to show their love for their feline, and the cat doesn’t seem too excited over his lookalike cushion. Looking up, as if to ask, “What made you think this would be cool?”

I’m Keepin’ An Eye On You

Cats ruining blinds and drapes is no strange act, as it usually happens as part of play or general cat craziness. Though, this cat has a mission in mind behind his blind tampering. Finally, his owner realized why the cat would stare out the covered window.

Kitty is on watch! This house is her domain, and if anyone wants to try something then she’s got an eye on it. As freaky as this may be for this cat’s human, it’s probably pretty reassuring to know that when she’s on guard, nobody is getting pass those surveying eyes.

Can You See Me?

Even considering some of the feline’s flaws, there’s no doubt that kitties are just adorable. From those cute playtime moments to the endless lovable snuggles, our four-legged companions can’t help but enchant us with every wide-eyed look.

Image Courtesy of u/AviahWinchester / Reddit

This human was able to magically capture their kitty at it’s most adorable moment. With all four paws present and the biggest eyes, you’ll ever see, this darling cat knows how to work it for the camera. She knows that her cuteness game is on high, and nothing can stop her now from going viral.

Nothing To See Here

This almost looks unreal. This grey cat found the life of a feline to be a little too dynamic. All that running around, chasing critters, scratching the bedpost, really can take a lot out of a kitty. Deciding it was time to change it up a bit, kitty looked no further than his usual home pee-spot, aka the big plant in the corner.

Image Courtesy of u/supisuke / Reddit

Putting the cat life behind, instead, taking up the life of a plant. Realizing that a plant doesn’t have to move and gets to chill in the sun all day, kitty, made his move. Like the image shows, kitty has found it’s new calling, so there’s nothing weird to see here.


Cats are usually a great wingman to have lazying around the bachelor’s pad. They are cute, fluffy, and a great ice-breaker to spark love between a couple. Though, sometimes these little rascals get to feel a little too comfortable regarding one’s desired partner.

This fury thief couldn’t even wait two seconds before pouncing on his desired target. Let’s face it, he was probably more after the food, but one glance at that pretty lady and this little white tiger set phasers to charm. Meowing out: “How You Doin’?” As he stole the meat off the plate.

Thank You For Choosing Me

Adopting a pet can be such a fulfilling act of kindness. Giving the previous unwanted a home creates a bond stronger than steel between, human and animal. If they could say thank you, surely they would.

Image Courtesy of @WholesomeMeme / Twitter

This cat instead went above and beyond, showing his devoted appreciation for his new digs. It could have been pure coincidence that kitty chose to sit specifically in this box with the text fitting the situation. Or better yet, it found a loophole to say ‘thank you’.

A Cat-astrophe Waiting To Happen

Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this cat’s play-tower has tilted a bit. The object is seemingly falling apart before our eyes. But, kitty don’t care! The cat is staying calm, cool, and collected in the face of approaching structure failure.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Just like the post noted, we all wish that we were this cool in the face of impending doom. Kitty is willing to go down with his ship because no honest cat abandons his toy thing without regret. (Cue in the band who played during the sinking of the Titanic).

When Your Cat Holds A Grudge

This feline is obviously holding a grudge against his human, and rightfully so. This silly human knocked over kitty’s evening bowl of milk and didn’t even bother to replace it. So, no doubt kitty is giving his human the evil eye.

As if this little fur-ball wan’t cute enough, his angry pouting expression brings the adorable award home. We would all feel pretty similar in his position, but that’s certainly no reason to cry over spilt milk, right?

Life Is Hard

We all have those moments of complete breakdown. Unable to accept the fact that life just isn’t going our way. Sometimes it could be a bad day on the job or not being allowed on the couch anymore.

Image Courtesy of © OrangeSpoon / Imgur  

This little guy obviously needs a hearty pick-me-up from his human companion. His adorable reaction to life hitting him in the crotch is nothing short of internet gold. Don’t worry kitty, there’s nothing that a tub of salmon Ben & Jerry’s can’t fix.

King Of The Toilet

Hey, we all get that empowered feeling after eating our morning fiber and taking a quick visit to the John. Some say that the toilet is the last bastion of freedom, and this cat is definitely feeling it. He knows he did a good job and he doesn’t have anything more to prove.

He’s regressed to his lion-like ancestry, proudly sitting over his conquered kingdom. While surely there are a few questions that need to be asked. For the moment, let’s just let this proud feline enjoy his moment.

He’s Got A Knife!

If you weren’t raised in a pet-friendly home, it’s a pretty big deal getting your first furry friend. There is a huge learning curve when caring for a cat, one that can be pretty stressful maneuvering it early on in the relationship.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

So, here’s the scenario… The guy is really nervous about getting a cat, probably because of some horrific childhood memory. Finally, after weeks of nervously deciding, eventually brings the cat home. Takes first look at the cat, and the furry feline immediately goes for the knife while uttering nonsense about his days in ‘Nam. Yeah, good luck with this one, buddy.

The Pride Of The Staircase

It’s huntin’ season, boys! At least that’s what is going through these cats’ minds. A helpless moth dared to foolishly enter the territory of the great pride, effectively sealing its own faith. Just by the look of these focused hunters, the moth better start saying its prayers.

Considering all those times kitties fail hard, it’s easy to forget that these cuddly house cats are actually one of the most prolific predators ever to roam the suburban jungle. Their unified form and majestic appearance falls no short of the great lion-prides of the Savanna.

The Cat In The Hat

Little princess here, is a hard believer in a conspiracy involving the government and brain-stealing aliens. Hence, the fancy head-wear, which apparently, keeps her brain signals in stealth mode. Whether conspiracy or not she’s not taking any chances.


Jokes aside, this is one weird fixation to get stuck with. Also, if she’s already going with the bag on head route, might we suggest a Wendy’s takeaway bag. They are way roomier, and the aroma alone will keep her fed for days.

Does Anyone Know A Good Exorcist?

It’s difficult being far away at college. Missing mom’s cooking, mom doing laundry, mom cleaning, and of course, the family cat which is loved so much. Therefore, obviously once in a while, college students will want a special photo to remember home by.

Just like this person, who just wanted a magic moment captured of her beloved princess. Boy, did she get that moment. Kitty was in no mood when mama came for a quick pic. Showing off her annoyed expression, thus awakening the demon inside her. Let’s just hope this exorcism doesn’t take 3 films and two prequels.

Kitty See, Kitty Do

Often times we find that our pets try to imitate some of our daily routines. From the way they sit in a Lazy Boy to how they observantly watch TV, it’s basically monkey-see-monkey-do. Usually, it will just get chalked-up as yet another overly adorable moment in the hopefully long life of the feline.

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However, sometimes these kitties go above and beyond with their cuteness. No wonder she wanted to ride the horse, she had already seen the kids have tons of fun going back and forth. From the looks of it, this kitty has just been waiting and whining for her rodeo moment. While this is acceptable, hopefully, her humans make sure not to show enthusiasm when getting into the car, or else she’ll wanna ride that next.

When The Abyss Looks Back

This image perfectly sums up the accompanied philosophical post. On one hand, it is pretty freaking creepy. Having those haunting yellow eyes stare back at you from the dark, would have anyone sleeping with the light on.

Cats are known watchers. They enjoy being little creeps, sneaking into various places you’d never expect to look. Then just staring at you with judging eyes. Just like that, they could be at the bottom of the bag waiting for that moment to jump out and scare you. Making you regret getting the kitty in the first place.

Chilling In The Face Of Death

Halloween is the day to celebrate our most ghoulish fantasies. Putting out scary decorations has become part of a long-celebrated tradition. Whether it be witches, ghosts or skeletons, these dangling puppets are meant to scare the living as well as embrace the dead.

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So, obviously, when seeing a couple of bony corpses, these kitties didn’t think twice before jumping on the creepy skeletons and making themselves feel right at home. As we have already established, cats have no fear of ghouls and ghosts, but rather tend to embrace it.

Natural Beauty

Every girl knows the struggles of getting that perfect cat-line style. People can spend hours on YouTube tutorial videos only to fail hard once eyeliner touches face. Therefore, it’s probably hard not get jealous when looking at this magnificent feline.

Her built-in symmetrical wing-lines put any make-up artist to shame. There’s no doubt, she’s one beautiful kitty. No wonder she’s popular, it’s hard not get hypnotized into staring at this stunning feline. You just know she’s a heartbreaker.

Changed My Mind

There’s always that one person in the family that the cat is just in love with. In this case, it was the dad who had earned the family cat’s respect. Though following pops around this time turned out to be a pretty big mistake. Especially, during the freeze of winter.

Image Courtesy of @ehcanadamemes / Twitter

Kitty thought it would be ‘cool’ to go outside with dad, probably thinking, “if he can do it then so can I.” How wrong she was. Ten seconds after entering the bitter cold, kitty immediately knew she had fudged-up. The terror on her face is no surprise considering it’s freakin’ freezing outside! Nevertheless, a lesson was learned that day, wait until the summer months to be daddy’s shadow.

Comfort Is Queen

We all know those characters who always seem to make the best out of any situation. Just like this angel here, who when given a box that was a bit too small for her, decided to adjust and adapt.

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In her world, comfort is queen, and she’ll do anything to get her relaxation on. Even if that means chewing through the box to make a nice little armrest because if you’re gonna chill, you might as well do it with some style. We see you kitty, and we respect.

Clever Trick

This scene is pretty familiar to anyone who has a cat and computer. Just before you save your hardworking labor, kitty decides to jump on the keyboard and ruins everything. Now if there was only a way to keep this from happening…

Well, this person seems to have found the perfect fix. Using a decoy keyboard to hide the real one. Not only does this cat lover get to get all their work done, they get to stare at that adorable face while they do it. Hope you all are writing this down, because this stuff is golden.

Relationship Goals

If you’re heart doesn’t melt at this sight of kitty love, then better check your pulse. No matter how tough you are, it’s impossible to not look at this endearing hug between this feline couple and not say “ahhh!” Though, this tail of love (#catpuns) did not start as wholesome as it looks…

The tomcat comes from a very successful but cutthroat feline family, and needed an escort for a few fancy gatherings. Bringing him to turn to this unadulterated but cute street cat for help. At first, it was purely a business deal, but as time past, the tomcat realized the diamond-in-the-rough he had in his paws. Pretty sure they made a movie about this romantic story.

The Cone Of Shame

Ok, hands down the winner of the all-time cat post. This is like ‘grumpy cat’ on steroids. Any pet owner has been there, trying to get their four-legged friend to adjust as quickly as possible to their new ice-cream look. Let’s face it, theses cones are awkward and they cause cats to be a danger to themselves, as well as any household object in the cone’s chaotic radius.

Poor Albert has definitely seen better days, after getting hurt, shaved, and coned in a single afternoon. He is obviously not taking his new situation as a cat-tini all that well. From Al’s point of view, things couldn’t get any worse, that is until he realizes that we all are very much enjoying his misery.

The Suspects Are In Questioning

Being a cat owner is a little bit like being a detective. Constantly items around the house are going missing, only to be found in the most peculiar of places. Found that missing sock under the car?… Cat’s fault. Missing your keys?… Best to check underneath kitty’s bowl. You all get the point.

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The true glory of being a cat’s human is catching those thieving felines in the act. Just like this dynamic duo which were caught on camera, while trying to steal the drain thingy. True to their character these kitties never admitted and took the fifth. Claiming evidence was circumstantial and that they arrived after the fact. They tried using the wide-eyed cuteness defense, though, with the hard video evidence, the tactic failed them this time.

Bring Back My Blanket

Just like babies who are attached to their most favorite ‘banky’, so do we notice the same with our feline friends. They also seem to get attached to their childhood comforters. This pic serves as the best example, and yet another candidate for cutest cat post.

Image Courtesy of u/pantrypervert / Reddit

This little kitten couldn’t understand why the humans took his favorite blanket away. Moreover, why they decided to put it inside the weird loud machine. He wasn’t prepared to leave the blanket’s side, watching it go around and around, hoping to be reunited. That is until he got tired and wandered off for a nap.

Can’t Get Enough Of That Fluff

Fat? Really? We find that hard to believe. Maybe someone’s just fishing for compliments? Either way, this is one gorgeous kitty. His fluffy coat and distinct colors only add to his leopard-like presence.

That majestic beast feeling disappears once you hold its fluff back. Suddenly, from a fantastic feline, we get a catastrophic cat. Luckily for kitty, the fur is usually flowing and wild.

Could You Lend Me A Paw?

It’s always refreshing when one of the many moochers around the house finally decides to pinch-in and help with some manual labor. Although, it wasn’t one of the kids, but rather the cat who decided to help. Of course, when we mean help, we mean meowing non-stop, knocking things to the ground, and licking itself every once in a while.

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Not that we critique kitty’s work ethic. It’s just probably really hard for cat-daddy to fix the sink with this pressure, and always judging eyes on him. In the end, whether kitty helped or not doesn’t really matter, what is important is that we all got this cute moment out of it.

Fat Cat Alert

It happens, we know, sometimes kitties tend to stress eat just like us. It starts the same, at 2 meals a day, then three, maybe a treat here and there… then before you know it, kitty is neck-deep stuck in the pringles jar willing live in the darkness just to get that last sourcream crisp.

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Chubby kitties tend to bring joy to our screens with ‘fat cat’ problems and their often unapologetic embarrassing situations. Just like this feline, who seems to be getting a bit too pudgy for his cat tower. This kitty needs to be on a diet since yesterday because from the looks of it the scale is not leaning in his favor.

Trapping Cats

This is definitely at the top of the list, for creative ways to self-quarantine. Here, the ever-elusive ‘Snuggle-Bunny’ has finally found her way into a jam that she won’t be able to easily climb out of. Going in, everything seemed fine and easy.

Image Courtesy of u/GiantFatNut . Reddit

However, getting out has become a whole other endeavor. As the little kitty sits there, helpless, trapped, and scared, we can’t help but feel sorry for the fluffy feline. With all the videos of cats destroying vases, it looks like the vase got revenge this time. Don’t worry though, the cat was released… eventually.

Needy Rudy

Looks like Rudy really needs some love, and what makes this purr-fect is that Rudy doesn’t care who gives him a hug. Even if it’s a complete stranger, who definitely didn’t plan on having to hug a cat, first thing in the morning.

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But what the human doesn’t understand, is that our boy Rudy has needs. A small hug, a kind scratch on the back, Rudy is not greedy. He’ll take all the love he can get. Well, that is until he returns at the very same time the next day for seconds.