Top 3 NBA Trades That Should Be Made Before The Trade Deadline

By Shane R January 25, 2020

Top 3 NBA Trades That Should Be Made Before The Trade Deadline

With the NBA trade deadline on weeks away, it is time to discuss the top-3 trades that should be made before time is up in the 2019-2020 season. From West Coast to East Coast, let us breakdown the biggest blockbusters that could take place any minute.

1 – PF Kevin Love to the Portland Trailblazers

Portland certainly needs a jumpstart in 2020. After going to the Western Conference Finals a year prior, the Trailblazers are towards the bottom of the playoff hunt. It did not help that they lost center Jusuf Nurkic until after the All-Star Break. With a Love addition, while trading away Center Hassan Whiteside and a future 1st Round Pick, Portland could find themselves climbing up the season standings when it matters most.

2 – C Andre Drummond to the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have been a disappointment this season, after having high hopes in the off-season. Enter Center Andre Drummond and the excitement will be back in Atlanta. The Hawks would have to give up C Alex Len, a couple of draft picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds, as well as another young piece (insert Cam Reddish) and another sizeable contract. In turn, the Hawks would get a mammoth rebounded and All-Star who could get them to the playoffs this season in the weak Eastern Conference.

3 – C Tristan Thompson to a Playoff Contender

After trading away guard Jordan Clarkson, the Cavs are looking to move away from Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. As a solid rebounder and glue guy, Thompson could be valuable for any team looking for a player with playoff experience. Thompson would fit the bill nicely. The problem is the $18 million salary to work around.