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Top Transfers In Soccer History

Transfers are one of the most anticipating parts of the game of soccer, and the transfers of certain players have single-handedly changed the fortunes of certain teams, capturing glory and lifting clubs out of low position ranks. We have compiled a list of some of the most defining transfers in football history. 

  1. Diego Maradona to Napoli
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Maradona moved from Barcelona after some time with the Catalan Giants which resulted in many controversies. He arrived at Napoli for £6.9 million, which at the time, was a record fee. He led the Italian side for what was their most impressive phase in the top-flight. With Diego Maradona, they won their first Coppa Italia and Serie A title, and then also achieved victory again in 1990. The Maradona impact was so great that several murals in Naples still honor their great hero.

  • Johan Cruyff to Barcelona
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When Cruyff moved to Barcelona for about $2 million from Ajax, he was immediately accepted by the Barcelona fans. He spent five seasons as a player, winning a league title and a Copa Del Rey. He returned as a coach in 1988, and he won 4 league titles and the club’s first European Cup. Cruyff remains a highly influential part of Barcelona’s history, especially for his remarkable work with the Barcelona academy, La Masia.

  • Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid

He is one of the greatest players to ever play for Real Madrid. After a failed move to Barcelona, which Real Madrid took advantage of, Di Stefano decided to move to the Bernabeu and ended up scoring 307 goals. He even won 8 league titles, a Copa Del Rey, and 5 European Cups with Madrid.