Trae Young Revolutionizing the NBA

By Sophia Cook March 13, 2020

With Trae Young making it to his first All-Star in his second year, the “Stephen Curry” comparisons are getting louder and louder across the NBA landscape. As people saw Curry pull up from 40-feet, young bucks like Trae Young believed they could do what the Warriors great was doing.

In Young’s second year, Trae is averaging a career-high in points (29.7), rebounds (4.4), assists (9.2), field goal percentage (44.4), 3-point percentage (36.9), free throw percentage (85.2) and effective field goal percentage (52.7).

Compared to Curry, Trae Young is leaps and bounds ahead at this point. In Curry’s 2nd year, he averaged 18.6 points per game, 3.9 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game. The only stats that Curry bested Young in Year 2 were in overall shooting percentages.

Image Courtesy Of The Oklahoman

With that being said, both players were on bad teams their 2nd years, where neither made the playoffs. For Young, he has been given the keys to the car. But, Trae is shooting a lot more than Curry did in his 2nd year with the Warriors. It is volume shooing that concerns some pundits of Young, wondering if he will be a great player on constantly bad teams.

So, is Trae Young really revolutionizing the NBA? Young definitely has shown confidence that few 2nd players embody. However, the revolution will only come if Young continues to grow as a player, helping his team into playoff success. It took four years for Curry to make it to the playoffs for the very first time. Trae has 2 more seasons to prove if the revolution is long-term or just a passing moment.